Why do fertilizer prices continue to go up?

There is a simple explanation to a complicated question around fertilizer price increases. There is also a fairly simple solution … Read More

Price Increase 2022

After keeping our prices the same for the last 18 months, we have been necessitated to increase our prices.Global increase … Read More

Use Fertigaiton Technology to Offset Raising Fertilizer Cost

Soaring fertilizer costs, at their highest levels since 2008, are impacting 2022 planting decisions. Analysts predict a correction is unlikely … Read More

Buyer’s Guide: Precision Ag Potato Magazine: I-Feeder Technologies

I-Feeder Technologies is an OEM of plant nutrition application systems (positive displacement fertigation & chemigation pumps) and agitation systems, The … Read More

Costly fertilizer faces crossroads – fertigation and chemigation, an economical & sustainable relief

A well written and important article by Bryce Knorr of Farm Futures. In September alone the typical cost of NPK

Pre-Season Early Order Program

Attention Dealers! The Pre-Season I-Feeder Fertigation & Chemigation dosing pumps Early Order Program is here (Available on all Turnkey pumps and mixers).A … Read More

Improving irrigation through fertigation & chemigation

I-Feeder Technologies has grown to serve the need for an integrated precision application, both software and hardware. Previously, the intelligence … Read More

Limitless Horizons: Why Innovative Companies that Help Feed the World are Making a Home in Nebraska

We are proud to share a short piece written by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development about how I-Feeder, an … Read More


Today’s newsletter includes the stories of 3 farmers who are heading into the home stretch of this year’s crop season … Read More

Why AgTech is not your typical tech disruption

Five years ago, almost no one knew what AgTech was. Inside the industry, we didn’t even know what to call … Read More

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