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I-Feeder prides itself on offering our clients products which once installed, can be trusted to do what they are intended to do. As our products are exported worldwide, it is a necessity that our systems can be operated from ground level up. This design feature produces systems which require very little set-up and training. And this philosophy extends to our Automations systems. Easy-to-use with full automated control on board at a fraction of the cost of external automated systems.
    Volume control:
  • - Total volume, volume per hour, volume per time period,
  • volume per batch.

  • Time control:
  • - Total time, volume per time, stop start times.
  • - Batch control.

    Proportional control:
  • - Signal from external source such as flowmeter, 4-20mA or 12V.

    Analogue control:
  • - Signal via 4-20mA or 12V.

    Warning control:
  • - Leak detection, no-flow detection, over-voltage.
  • - Produce better crop yields.
  • - Lower your operating costs.
  • - Manage your systems remotely.
  • - Automate up-to-date information as required for reporting purposes.
  • - Fertigation control.
  • - Easier compliance and implementation of export conditions and regulations.
  • On board automation for I-Feeder dosing pumps. Backwards integrable with all models of I-Feeder dosing pumps. Easy to use and requires minimal training.
  • - 7" full color touchscreen.
  • - Remote & Wireless access via GSM & Wi-Fi
  • - Direct cloud access
  • - Direct control via smart device
  • - Output of mA, Voltage and relay - Controlling other units,
  • equipments, solenoid valves and environmental equipment.
  • - Dimensions does not add to packaging size of original equipment.
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