Use Fertigaiton Technology to Offset Raising Fertilizer Cost

Soaring fertilizer costs, at their highest levels since 2008, are impacting 2022 planting decisions. Analysts predict a correction is unlikely in the near term.According to the USDA’s Illinois Production Cost Report in October, the average price for urea (learn more about Urea here) was $810 per metric ton compared to $352 per metric ton in 2020. Diammonium phosphate (DAP) prices were at $814 per metric ton, nearly double what they were in 2020 at $427 per metric ton.
The report also noted the price of liquid 28% nitrogen saw a significant jump in 2021, with the average at $475 per metric ton compared to $222 the previous year. Potash prices were $775 per metric ton, an increase of almost $400 per metric ton from the previous year.
I-Feeder Technologies, as an OEM of plant nutrition application systems (positive displacement fertigation & chemigation pumps) and agitation systems. Together with their partners, Smart Fertilizer Software, are able to provide solutions for integrated precision application, both software and hardware.Both companies are a part of a group of companies operating under YB AgTech Ecosystem.Previously the intelligence behind precision application in terms of recommendations and measurements was a seperate operation to that of the actual physical application, injection and measurement.For the first time two OEM’s have combined to work together to do this through a single ecosystem. This allows total control at a single point, as well as the ability to white label both products for clients.The Collaboration: next stage (beta-testing now) in our development will allow for Smart Fertilizer’s Software, the brain of the operation, and the body, I-Feeder Technologies’ precision injection system with on-board control, accessible from anywhere in the world. Using a sophisticated algorithmic calculation, assisted by inputs manually entered or received from the field or satellite, the software sends specific commands via our cloud software to the I-Feeder Driver, which in turn mixes at required quantities and specification, and doses at required precision rates. Inputs for the injection system can be received from our cloud software, sensors, other injection equipment and irrigation equipment. Suitable for open-field and controlled environments.
I-Feeder has been manufacturing and supplying the range of dosing systems since 1981. Whatever the nutritional needs of the crop might be, whether it is fertilizer or pesticide to keep your plants safe, attain the maximum yield and minimize risk, we have the equipment to apply it accurately and continuously, indoor and outdoor.Contact a team member to learn more on fertilizer application and efficiency or for any technical questions about our product range and to join our network of authorized dealers nationwide at 402.404.5081 or at [email protected]

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