Buyer’s Guide: Precision Ag Potato Magazine: I-Feeder Technologies

I-Feeder Technologies is an OEM of plant nutrition application systems (positive displacement fertigation & chemigation pumps) and agitation systems, The company has manufactured and supplied the range of dosing systems for the past 40 years.Whatever the nutritional needs of your potatoes, for example, whether it is fertilizer or pesticide to keep your plants safe, attain the maximum yield and minimize risk, we have the equipment to apply it accurately and continuously, indoor and outdoor.
I-Feeder Technologies
The I-Feeder precision dosing systems are engineered to be easy to use and maintain, are economical, robust and scalable. Tested and proven in some of the toughest markets, globally. Allowing the grower to produce better crop yields with lower operating cost, managing system remotely while maintaining a sustainable practice.The I-Feeder fertigation system is supplied as turnkey, meaning no additional sourcing is required and ensures correct installation, designed to be easy and simple.The positive displacement system allows for high accuracy and can run up to 4 gearboxes dosing either a high volume or 4 different volumes proportionally. A single gearbox size capable of dosing between 3.5gph – 318gph. 2 liquid-end volume sizes for all capabilities, therefore low stock keeping.
Contact a team member to learn more on fertilizer application and efficiency or for any technical questions about our product range and to join our network of authorized dealers nationwide at 402.404.5081 or at [email protected]

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