Crucial to hydroponic growing is accurate pH balance of the water. Fertigation systems can have pH sensors that alert the system to pump base or acid into the water to achieve successful pH levels. This can be set within your parameters so that it never rises or falls to a certain level. This ensures optimal nutrient absorption for your crop, but more on that later.

Some of the benefits of a fertigation system is that it allows for more automation and accuracy within your operation, allowing for more time spent elsewhere overseeing your acres. Our systems also provide flexibility for the user to mix prescriptions and set specific grow parameters. With the soon to come I-Feeder advanced fertigation systems you can have multiple setpoint targets that mix and deliver nutrient batches to different zones through a single central mixing tank. Schedule your nutrient delivery and receive email alerts about completed tasks, alerts, or faults.

Going back to basics – fertigation provides reliable dosing for your crop. Our fertigation system can offer remote control access and an alert system, which can help to cut back on downtime. You can trust the system to dose your plants correctly, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. These systems are an added value to your agriculture operation, whether through a center pivot, greenhouse or indoor, and can help you save time and money in the long run by decreasing input cost and increasing your bottom line.

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