The Problem, The Opportunity, The Solution -Ag Tech 2021-


To achieve this projected growth target in food production, agriculture will have to, more than ever, rely on precise supply of nutrition and efficient use of natural resources through the utilization of high-tech communication.

Technology has already been integrated into farming methods to make farming more efficient. For example, farming has seen growth in a more sophisticated method of irrigation called fertigation and chemigation. These methods allow producers to reduce water and fertilizer use.

Another example is that farming is relying on sensors to trace, detect, and diagnose issues with soils, crops, livestock, machinery, and more. Likewise, remote sensing and precision agriculture is already augmenting farm inputs.

Still, these technologies might not be enough, and we will need to explore additional tools and techniques to become more efficient.

It is therefore vital that we think of ways in which this could be possible. At I-Feeder Technologies, we have been working to be that motivated agent to make some of these existing technologies even more efficient. Our software division and central drive platform will allow for various devices in the field to exchange data “efficiently” and “economically” so that near real-time recommendations and prescriptions can be generated.

Stay tuned for more news about what I-Feeder is building in the realm of precision dosing, machine learning, and collaborations.


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